About us


Artillery Tea Co. aims to provide premium tea products to freedom-loving patriots.

We believe in supporting our nation’s heroes to whom we owe so much. Our blends are carefully crafted from the finest ingredients, and with every sale we make, we give a portion to veteran and first-responder causes.


Our company was partly veteran-founded in 2022 by three brothers: Chris, Mike, and Joey. Each has a passion for America and it’s founding principles, particularly with Joey being the Army veteran. When Mike started getting insomnia from coffee, he began looking for a tea alternative and discovered that the only options were companies that were mystical or “new-agey” – no good patriotic tea companies! They could not give money to a company that was not supportive of their own values, thus Artillery Tea Co. was born!

We believe in supporting our nation’s heroes, so we donate a portion of our proceeds to veteran and first responder causes. We also believe in serving high quality products to people that love America – read more about our products below!


Each of our tea blends are:


      • ALL-NATURAL: We only use natural ingredients, like premium whole tea leaves and only natural flavoring.
      • BLENDED AND PACKED IN THE USA: All of our products are packaged in a Pennsylvania facility.
      • PLASTIC-FREE: Research shows that most tea bags contain paper and plastic, causing billions of microplastic particles to go in your tea! Our premium tea sachets are wholly plant-based and plastic-free.
      • TYRANNY-FREE: We are an unapologetically patriotic company and will always donate a portion of our proceeds to veteran and first-responder causes.